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Back in March of 1988 we turned our love for computers into a business with one goal in mind: To offer the best service and hardware at a reasonable price. Because the IT market grows so rapidly and is always evolving, we constantly strive to improve and stay up to date with the latest trends and information. When it comes to solving computer problems, deciding what hardware is the best for your needs, MAC's Tech Hut / Micro Air Computers is your go to place for all this and more. Our 1300+ square foot showroom is brimming with the latest tech as well as a section for pre-owned parts & accessories and recertified PCs, Notebooks, Tablets, and All in One Computers. We also have pre-owned power supplies, AC adapters, optical drives, hard drives and various adapters, controllers and video cards in-stock for those still trying to keep that older PC running.


Are you like most of us that have collected a basement full of old, outdated, or no longer functioning electronics that you wish you could get rid of? Well look no further! MAC's Tech Hut / Micro Air Computers can help you with this too. We offer FREE electronic recycling (Unfortunatly we can longer accept TVs and monitors with a picture tube as well as projection TVs because our recycler no longer takes them). We do take LCD monitors and TVs (NOTE: There is a nominal charge of $10 to recycle TVs 32" and greater). If you want to make sure that we take what you have, give us a call at: 484-334-8900. Whether you have one piece or a whole car load, it is no problem. We can pile all your electronics on our cart for easy wheeling into our store.


Do you have sensitive personal data on that old PC's hard drive? No problem there either. For $5.00 we will remove your hard drive and attach it to a device that will do a military grade DOD (Department of Defense) erase to it. Please note that the drive does need to be functional for this to happen.


As you can see with the experience and expertise MAC's Tech Hut / Micro Air Computers has to offer, you can be assured that you'll always find a solution to your needs with the latest technology and reliable advice.

Meet Our Team

Norman Flamm


Phone: 484-334-8900


Norm founded Micro Air Computers (now MAC's Tech Hut) back in March of 1988. When he did so he brought a wealth of experience with him. He was introduced to computers at a young age and started writing and selling his own game software in the late 70s at the age of 13 for a computer manufactured by APF called, "The Imagination Machine." Back then there were many computer brands and operating systems competing for space. All but the Apple and Windows based PCs have long since disappeared. This early start into what has now become the computer revolution, has enabled Norm to support not only computers of today, but those of yester year as well. Because Norm has been in the industry for such a long time he still has many of the older legacy components hanging around. So if you have an old PC that needs repair, MAC's Tech Hut / Micro Air Computers may just have the part that you are looking for.


Being skillful with a soldering iron has enabled Norm to perform repairs that other repair shops cannot. Such as replacing a broken DC jack on a notebook rather than replacing the entire motherboard. Norm is our Notebook repair specialist. Whether you have a cracked screen or a broken DC jack, Norm can fix it.

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