At MAC's Tech Hut / Micro Air Computers you'll find exactly what you are looking for. Our vast 1300 square foot showroom is stocked with every component that you will need to either upgrade or repair an existing PC or even build a new one. When it comes time to replace that aging PC we can help there too. We specialize in custom configuring PCs and our desktop/tower PCs come with a 3 year parts and labor warranty. So whether you need a PC to simply browse the web or a high end PC to play those demanding graphical games, MAC's Tech Hut / Micro Air Computers can configure a PC just for you. Don't want a desktop PC? No problem. We offer various notebooks, tablets, Two in One notebooks (works as a laptop, but the screen can fold 360 degrees and become a tablet), and All in Ones (There is no tower. The computer is installed in the screen's cabinet) as well. We even offer gently used or recertified computers, notebooks and tablets. This inventory changes weekly.


Because we stay on top of the latest hardware you can find things in our store that you might not be aware ever existed. For example if you were not sure if you wanted a desktop or a tablet in the past you could have opted for a PC that did both? Although this is no longer available Asus did make a hybrid PC that on the surface looked like an 18.5" All in One, but had a removable screen that allows you to use it as a tablet. With the screen removed you had all the power and flexibility that an Android tablet had to offer with a twist. You could communicate back to the All in One's base and run any of the Windows 8.1 apps as well thru your wireless network and a remote access program. Ever start watching a video on your PC and wish you could continue watching it in another room? This Pc would allow you to do just that. The removable tabletwas also great for a family's game nights. Simply remove the tablet from the base and put it on your family's coffee table and start playing many of the board or other games that Android has to offer.


If you want to be able to see what the past had to offer as well as the present, stop in our shop and check out this piece of history that we have on display as well as the new tech that you might not know exists. For example, did you know that you can use your home's house wiring to simulate running CAT-5 cable without running any cable? Yes, a product that uses "Power Line" technology can actually do just that and we have a demo setup in our shop so you can see just how well it works.


In our networking section we have everything that you will need to network a home or office from: wired and wireless routers as well as USB, PCI and PCI-e adapters. Do you have an area in your home that Wi-Fi just doesn't reach? If so, we can help there too. By either installing a Wi-Fi repeater or using one of our many power line adapter kits that uses your home's electrical wiring you will be able to network that hard to reach area of your home. Stop in or call for more information.


Are you a Gamer and you are tired of your aging rig struggling to put out the frame rates that you need to game stutter free? Do you want to be able to game stutter free again? No problem. We can help. Whether you just want to upgrade your existing video card to one of the newer ATI or nVidia cards, or you want to totally build a new rig that is powerful enough to allow you to sit back and game glitch free for years to come, we can help. We can suggest the best components to help you build the rig of your dreams without breaking the bank. Need even more speed than the stock CPU was designed for? MAC's Tech Hut / Micro Air Computers stocks a variety of water cooling kits to allow you to over clock your CPU and still allow it to run cool and lock up free. Tired of that boring case? Come by MAC's Tech Hut / Micro Air Computers and check out the many different cases we have in-stock. We have cases that range from small to large, have side windows, front doors, as well as some with removable hard drive bays and fans galore. We even stock a totally clear acrylic case and have one built and on display. Want to customize that case. We stock fans with LED and RGB lighting as well as Cold Cathodes and various CPU fans and water coolers that also sport RGB lighting.


Although not available for sale nothing says custom like our limited edition custom air brushed case from Cooler Master. Check it out. It's on display in our store and pictured below.


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