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IOGear Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

MPN: GKB720RGB-RD      MSRP: $79.95    Event: $75.00

RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Kaliber Gaming's HVER PRO RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard combines the exceptional feel and response of mechanical key switches with a beautiful but rugged aircraft aluminum chassis, per-key RGB backlighting, and a slew of gaming features that put the HVER PRO on par with keyboards selling for nearly twice the price. The HVER PRO is available with your choice of brown or red type mechanical switches so you can choose the keyboard feel that best fits your play style and typing preference.

HVER PRO is fully programmable for macro functions, shortcuts, and more with the FREE Kaliber Gaming software that allows you to customize the RGB per-key backlighting to deliver a truly personalized gaming experience.


Full Mechanical Keys

The HVER PRO RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboards are available in your choice of brown or red type mechanical switches. Unlike dome or membrane switches, mechanical switches do not need to be fully depressed for proper registration, allowing you to game faster and with less hand fatigue than with traditional keyboards.

Red switches (GKB720RGB-RD) are rapidly growing in popularity thanks to their lack of an actuation click. Red switches are even quieter than brown switches and feature a linear design that provides the same smooth, solid feel throughout the full travel of the keystroke.

Brown switches (GKB720RGB-BN) are the number one most popular mechanical switch type among gamers. While similar to blue switches, brown switches provide a less pronounced tactile bump and a slightly less audible click when pressed making them both quieter and requiring less actuation force.


All NKRO/Anti-Ghosting Keys

With a complete Anti-Ghosting design which is more accurately referred to as full N-Key Rollover (NKRO), the HVER PRO ensures that every keystroke in any key combination will be registered. Play with confidence knowing your keyboard will not hold you back!


Fully Programmable Keys

HVER PRO's fully programmable keys let you create macro functions (a series of keystrokes with only a single press), shortcuts, hotkeys, and much more with the help of the FREE Kaliber Gaming HVER PRO software. While key programming provides gamers with quick in-game tools for common commands such as casting spells, they are also great for simplifying life outside of gaming for simple text shortcuts or executing multi-key commands.


Double Injected Keycaps

The HVER PRO's double injected keycaps will last the life of the keyboard without ever wearing off. The double injection process means the characters on the face of each key are injection molded as part of the key for longevity, not merely printed on top.


Premium Gaming Features

The HVER PRO has a Windows key lock function to prevent accidentally entering menus while gaming, and an All-Key lock that prevents unwanted keystrokes when you have to make a run to the fridge. For left-handed gamers, the W, A, S, D and arrow key functions can be swapped so that both hands can be at an optimal gaming position. The heavy weighted base of the keyboard also increases stability while gaming, to prevent slippage.


RGB Per-Key Backlighting With 18 Lighting Patterns

The HVER PRO Gaming Keyboard offers full RGB per-key illumination with 18 different LED lighting patterns that act as a moving light show for when it's time to add a little 'cool factor' to your gaming experience. The DIY lighting mode allows easy custom lighting layouts without special software, and the free Kaliber Gaming software adds even more lighting customization for those that want to take it a bit farther.


Pair It With Keymander To Destroy The Competition

Are you a console gamer? Did you know that instead of the joystick controllers you can use a keyboard and mouse with most games by connecting through an adapter like IOGEAR's KeyMander? Using the HVER PRO with KeyMander offers an incredible gaming experience on your PS4, PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360 that simply cannot be matched with a standard controller. Precision aiming, faster targeting and easier movement while shooting are just a few of the reasons computer gamers have always had an advantage over console gamers. Experience the difference with Keymander!


IOGEAR Kaliber Gaming HVER Aluminum Gaming Keyboard - Imperial White

MSRP: $34.95   Event: $32.00

Gaming Keyboard with Hover Key Design

Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR is proud to announce the newly designed HVER Aluminum Gaming Keyboard. HVER gets its name from the open frame design with elevated keys that appear to "hover" above the brushed aluminum chassis. Packed with gaming features and good looks, HVER is designed to provide everything gamers need at a price that won't break the bank. HVER's plunger key design provides a solid stroke with that positive feel when engaged- similar to that of a mechanical keyboard. The HVER features premium double injected keycaps for durability and delivers a lifetime of performance without the key tops ever wearing off. To deliver an exceptional gaming experience, the HVER features 26 anti-ghosting keys, Windows key lockout and a 7-color LED backlighting. HVER comes in two flavors, Imperial White and Black/Gray.


7-Color LED Backlight

The HVER Aluminum Gaming Keyboard adds a bit of flare with functionality through the dedicated lighting button. The LED key lets you set your choice of LED backlight colors Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Aqua, White or Red or select all and the backlight will slowly pulse while rotating between them. Multiple dimming levels make it easy to set the proper key illumination when gaming in low light settings.


Plunger Key Design

The HVER features an innovative key structure using low-friction POM plungers that do away with the mushiness, common to membrane designs. The result is a super-smooth, positive keystroke engagement, similar to the feel of a mechanical keyboard.


Double Injected Keycaps

The GKB704L features double injected keycap characters which will last the life of the keyboard, without ever wearing off. The double injection process means that the keycap character material is actually injected into the mold, not printed on the keycap. The key cap color material is then injected around the character to create a keycap that never wears out.


Loaded with Premium Gaming Features

The HVER Gaming Keyboard comes packed with features to take your gaming experience to the next level. HVER features 26 anti-ghosting keys. This means that the keyboard will register all your key presses even when you're mashing multiple keys at the same time, especially in those intense gaming sessions. The GKB704L also has a Windows key lock function that prevents accidentally opening the Windows menu while gaming. The heavy weighted base of the keyboard also increases stability while gaming to prevent sliding.



  • Brushed aluminum chassis provides a solid, flex-free platform

  • 26 Anti-Ghosting keys so you never miss a keystroke!*

  • 7-Color LED backlight with adjustable brightness

  • Double injected keycap characters never fade

  • Windows key lockout

  • Plunger key design offers a solid tactile feel

  • Weighted base for added stability

    *26 Anti-Ghosting keys refers to the following keys covering most 3-key combinations used in gaming: Q, A, Z, W, S, X, E, D, C, B, R, F, V, T, G, M, Caps Lock, Space, ↑(UP), ↓(Down), ←(Left) , →(Right), Tab, L-Ctrl, L-Shift, L-Alt.


IOGear Kaliber Gaming FOKUS II 12,000DPI Pro Gaming Mouse
MPN: GME671   MSRP: 49.95   Event: $46.00

The FOKUS II Pro Gaming Mouse is the next evolution in tournament-ready mice from IOGEAR's gaming accessory brand, Kaliber Gaming. With the addition of Pixart's heralded PMW-3360 sensor, the FOKUS II delivers a tremendous upgrade in speed and resolution for the ultimate gaming performance. Equipped with this new - flawless - optical sensor, FOKUS II now features seven programmable shift-on-the-fly resolution steps up to 12,000 dpi, and is free of the acceleration, prediction, and jitter issues affecting other mice. FOKUS II also includes user interface upgrades such as Sniper Button programming with dpi adjustment and configurable RGB LED backlighting. But the upgrades don't stop on the inside! The rock-solid cast aluminum frame is now wrapped in a blacked-out, satin powder coating and its body is updated with a matte black, soft-touch finish that feels great in-hand, ensuring FOKUS II looks every bit as good as it performs!

12,000 dpi Flawless Optical Sensor
Program up to 5 different dpi settings and instantly shift between each with the press of a button

8 Software Programmable Buttons
The FOKUS II Pro Gaming Mouse is entirely configurable. Setup numerous user programmable functions with the Kaliber Gaming user interface software. With the Kaliber Gaming user interface, you can set mouse buttons to activate keyboard commands, create custom macros, or turn any button into a sniper button, complete with programmable dpi so you can own the battlefield.

In addition to gaming functions, FOKUS II's programmability can also make desktop functions quickly accessible by turning buttons into hotkeys to control media playback, insert text strings or automatically open files or programs. With the Kaliber Gaming user interface, FOKUS II can be a powerful Photoshop, AutoCAD or Solidworks workhorse by day, and the ultimate gaming weapon by night!

RGB Backlighting
Program FOKUS II's backlight to the RGB color of your choice, or cycle between 7 preset colors in a revolving pattern

Truly Ambidextrous Design
FOKUS II features a truly ambidextrous design that extends its value to the world of left-handed gamers. Two thumb buttons are located on each side of FOKUS II, and with the Kaliber Gaming software users have the option of programming all four side buttons (in addition to the rest of the buttons) or disabling the opposing buttons if desired. The flexibility to configure each button for right- or left-handed use gives FOKUS II gamers complete customization and control ability for their gaming style.


IOGear Kaliber Gaming SURFAS™ Professional Gaming Mouse Mat

MPN: GGMM1   MSRP: $9.95    Event:$ 8.00

Precision Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR's SURFAS Professional Gaming Mouse Mat is designed to provide tournament level gaming performance with any type of mouse. The SURFAS features a micro-weave top layer that provides superior control with FPS mice, and its ultra-uniform surface texture aids sensor pickup for precision tracking. The large size allows lower DPI players more room for movement without running off the pad, while the smooth horizontal grain helps boost side-to-side speed.

Perfect for FPS Players

The SURFAS is the perfect size for First-Person-Shooter players that prefer to game with a lower, more precise dpi setting for games like Counter-Strike: GO, etc. and ensures you can react quickly without running off the pad. Aside from its ample size, the SURFAS features a micro-knit woven top layer that provides a higher level of control while also maintaining a smooth gliding surface.

Designed for Laser or Optical Sensors

The ultra-uniform textured top layer of the SURFAS aids sensor pickup, for improved mouse tracking regardless of sensor type. The textured cloth-like layer of the SURFAS mouse mat is actually a reduced-friction material, designed to yield improved control and reduced over travel for high dpi laser mice.



IOGear Kaliber Gaming ELEVATR™ Mouse Cable Manager

MPN: GGMCS   MSRP: $9.95   Event: $8.00

Mouse Cable Bungee

Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR's ELEVATR Mouse Cable Manager is the perfect accessory for tournament gamers, and prevents missed shots caused by snagging the mouse cable during quick movements. The ELEVATR works by supporting the mouse cable at a point where just enough cable is extended, so that you can reach any part of your mouse pad without feeling tension. The ELEVATR's tensioned support arm raises the cable to help remove excessive cable slack and reduce cable drag. The reduced cable drag allows the mouse to move faster and more freely than ever before, and without worry of snagging items on a cluttered desktop or on the edge of a desk. The anti-slip base helps keep the ELEVATR in place, but won't completely stop you in the event you find yourself having to extend beyond your mouse pad.

Not Just For Gamers

ELEVATR isn't just for gamers. Using ELEVATR with your favorite desktop mouse will provide the best possible experience no matter if you are working, gaming or just surfing the Internet. ELEVATR keeps your mouse moving freely even on a cluttered desktop, so students and engineers- this is for you!


IOGear GearPower USB-C 10,000mAh Mobile Power Station

MPN: GMPC10K      
MSRP: $49.95   Event: $39.00

USB-C Battery Pack

IOGEAR's GearPower USB-C™ 10,000mAh Mobile Power Station will keep your USB-C and USB Type-A devices powered and ready to go. The high capacity lithium-ion battery features dual USB ports capable of charging two devices at the same time, such as your power hungry tablets, headphones, cell phones, wearables and other rechargeable devices. The USB-C port outputs 3A of power while the Smart IQ equipped USB Type-A port outputs 2.4A. Additionally, the 3A input allows you to fully charge the Power Station faster* so that you'll be recharged and ready to go in no time. The GearPower also features built-in short-circuit, over-charge and temperature protection, and comes with its own carrying pouch and USB-C charging cable compatible with USB-C devices.

Smart Charging and No Overheating

In addition to simultaneously charging USB-C and USB Type-A devices, the power station has Smart IQ Charge Technology built into the USB Type-A port that allows it to detect how much power your device needs and adjusts the output accordingly. This means more efficient charging and no device overheating.

Fast Charge and Recharge

The GearPower is for those who wish to travel without the worry of an outlet not being close by. Use it between meetings, on the way to your next class, on the road, or simply when there aren't any outlets around. Charging your USB-C device with a power station that has been specifically designed for USB-C will give you much faster and more efficient charging than standard USB battery packs. The GMPC10K comes equipped with a 3A output / input port that significantly cuts your device charging time so that you're powered and ready to go in no time.

Premium Design, Exceptional Feel

The GMPC10K Station combines style and functionality and design into a portable unit designed to go wherever you go. The GearPower packs the power of USB-C into a small and slim unit that easily fits into your laptop bag, purse, back pack or briefcase. The clean and smooth lines of the premium casing look and feel exceptional. The edges are rounded out to provide a better grip when holding the GearPower Mobile Power Station.

*3A output wall charger required.  Do not use the MacBook wall charger to charge the power bank.


IOGear Charge & Sync Flip 3.3ft (1m) - Green, Reversible USB to Lightning Cable

MPN: GRUL01-GR     MSRP: $17.95    Event: $14.00

Charge and Sync Lightning Cable

Designed as a replacement for factory Apple® Lightning cables or as an additional cable to keep in the office, car, backpack or briefcase, IOGEAR's super flexible Charge & Sync Flip™ Reversible USB to Lightning cables meet or exceed OEM cable standards for performance without being stiff or difficult to coil. High-grade materials enable thinner construction and make for a non-bulky, tangle-free cable.

Our Lightning cables are compatible with all Apple USB chargers, computer USB ports and aftermarket USB chargers with built-in compatibility for iPod® / iPhone® / iPad®. All of IOGEAR's Lightning cables are Apple MFi certified to work with every device compatible with the original Apple supplied cable, including the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Non-certified cables can have out-of-spec connectors and imitation processors which can damage your device, so always makes sure you a purchasing an actual Apple Authorized cable like the those available from IOGEAR!

Reversible USB

Ever get frustrated with fumbling around with your USB connector because you plugged it in the wrong side? Well, worry no more with IOGEAR's Charge & Sync Flip™ cables. These cables feature a reversible USB Type A connector which allows you to easily plug in the USB no matter which side you plug it in. No more looking at the connector and messing with it - simply plug and go!

Colors to Match Your Style

The Charge & Sync Flip™ comes in four fun and vibrant colors: Green, Blue, White, and Pink. Whether it's your favorite color or simply because it matches the color of your phone, our Charge and Sync Flip™ cables are sure to show off your style and individuality.


IOGear DuoLinq™ 2-in-1 Car Charger

MPN: GPACML01   MSRP: $29.95 

GearPower - DuoLinq™ 2-in-1 Car Charger (Lightning & Micro USB)

Keep your iOS and Micro USB devices charged and ready to go while on the road with IOGEAR's DuoLinq™ 2-in-1 Car Charger. This universal car charger is designed to work with both Apple and Android devices. The DuoLinq™ Car Charger delivers 2.4A output to rapid charge all your power hungry devices, even tablets. Stream your favorite road trip playlist, movies, games and utilize GPS apps like Google Maps or Waze without ever worrying about running low on power. An integrated 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB charging cable with an additional USB port offers the flexibility of charging cross-platform devices simultaneously.

One Cable to Charge Them All

IOGEAR's DuoLinq™ design eliminates the need for separate charging cables by integrating two connectors into a single cable. The Micro USB connector is used for Android, Windows and Blackberry devices, while the Lightning connector is compatible with Apple iOS devices. To charge iOS devices, simply snap on the attached Lightning connector adapter to the Micro USB connector and you're ready to go. To charge Android, Windows, or Blackberry devices, plug the Micro USB connector directly into the device. Designed with durability in mind, the DuoLinq™ Car Charger's integrated 2-in-1 charging cable comes equipped with an ultra-durable polyurethane material that can withstand prolonged wear-and-tear.

Powerful, yet Compact

The DuoLinq™ Car Charger gives you 2.4A of power in a package so small you'll barely notice it on your dashboard. The compact, low-profile power adapter fits perfectly into the cigarette lighter plug or 12V power port. The DuoLinq™ Car Charger sits nearly flush when plugged in, so it does not interfere with shifters or drinks in cup holders. The compact design allows it to fit easily inside a purse or backpack, making it easy to transfer between vehicles. The conveniently integrated 1m (3.3ft) cable is long enough to reach either driver or passenger from the center of the vehicle without excess length to tangle.

Road Warrior

Staying connected can drain your device's battery rapidly. With the DuoLinq™ Car Charger, you can rest assured that your devices are charged between destinations. Charging your device while in the car is a convenient solution to keeping your devices charged by the time you reach the office, school or other destination. The extra USB port also doubles your charging potential by allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. With the DuoLinq™ Car Charger, you can arrive with a full charge, every time.

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