DC Jack Repair

I your notebook no longer charges or you have to hold the A/C adapters jack a certain way to have your notebook power on at all; you probably have a bad DC jack in your notebook. Fixing this problem requires the notebook to be completely disassembled and the motherboard removed. Once the motherboard is removed the failed D/C jack will be unsoldered from the board, the contact points cleaned, and a new DC jack resoldered back in place. The notebook will be re-assembled and test.


The fee for this service, both parts and labor, is generally $180. For those notebooks, like some Toshiba's, that have the DC jack on a cable harness, rather than soldered to the motherboard, your cost will be less.


If you are experiencing the above problem; please don't keep using the notebook until it no longer turns on. Doing so may result in the motherboard needing to be replaced instead of just the jack because of arching that can occur and damage the connection points beyond repair.

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