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Is your computer running slow? For a fee of $40 we will delve into the registry and the inner workings of your computer to determine what is causing your slow down. Many times the root cause is a bunch of "bloatware" that has been installed on your PC. This bloatware can be a vast number of tool bars that have been installed as well as other software that tends to "come along for a ride" when we install programs that we truly want. To help avoid a buildup of this unwanted software, make sure that no unnecessary boxes are checked when you install your software. An example is installing Adobe Reader or Flash, as well as JAVA. During the install process all three of these programs try and install one or more other programs or tool bars. You can avoid this unnecessary software installation by simply unchecking the appropriate check boxes. Do you have more than one antivirus program running? This will definitely slow down your computer because each program is trying to scan the same files.


What the tune-up includes:


  • Removal of up to 10 unnecessary programs ($1 for each addition program needed to be removed)
  • Registry optimization
  • Deletion of unnecessary temporary files
  • Optimization of the hard drive 


Most of the time, performing the above service will bring your computer back to the speed it was when it was new. However, sometimes the slowness is caused by a hardware problem such as a failing or aging hard drive. As our hard drives age they sometimes don't access our data as fast as they did when they were new. The problem can also be caused by a drive that has developed "bad spots" on the surface of the platters that store your data. These bad spots can cause a hard drive to have to reread the same data several times before it reads it correctly. This constant rereading can cause a dramatic performance slow down. To determine if this is the cause of your slowness, we would have to run extensive hard drive diagnostics. If caught in time we will have the ability to clone your hard drive before the drive fails completely and you lose all your valuable data. Not to mention all those important pictures that the majority of us have on our hard drives with no external back up. Hard drives and power supplies are the two components that fail the most. Don't let a potentially failing hard drive catch you by surprise. If you hear any squealing or clunking noises coming from the hard drive, have it checked immediately. Both of these are since of a failing hard drive.


Additional Services:


  • $40 - Download and install all Windows / Driver Updates, Adobe Reader and JAVA updates
  • $40 - Hard Drive or Memory diagnostics

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