Virus / Spyware Removal

If you are experiencing any of the following, you may be infected with either Spyware or a Virus:


  • Plagued with pop ups
  • PC running strangely or slow
  • Cannot browse the Internet
  • FBI warning message
  • A strange program telling you that you are infected and asking for money to fix it


The above are just a few of the warning signs that you are infected with either spyware or a virus. MAC's Tech Hut / Micro Air Computers can professionally remove the infections from your system. Generally for the fee of $129 we will scan your PC with three or more programs to make sure that you are infection free as well as perform a tune up to your PC to make sure that it is running optimally. In some cases your PC may be so infected that the only way to make sure that it is 100% infection free is to wipe the drive and reload the operating system (Windows). This is a very drastic step and only happens in about 5% of the cases that we disinfect. If your infection is too vast to clean it with software we will verify the following before we proceed:


  • Do you have all the software to be reloaded back on your computer
  • Is there any data (documents, pictures, music, videos and/or email) that needs to be backed up
  • Did you get any recovery CDs/DVDs with your computer, or is there a recovery partition


Once we can establish how we need to go about putting your computer back to its factory original state, and if we need to backup any data, we will give you a total price for the service. Generally this ranges from $160 to $289, and includes the initial $129 virus removal fee.


Most virus removals can be completed in one to two business days. So, if you are infected, please don't hesitate to bring it by our shop for a quick and through cleaning.

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