Hard Drive Cloning

Have you used up all the storage on your hard drive and need a bigger hard drive, but you don't want to have to reload everything on that bigger new hard drive? Is your present hard drive making noise or about to fail? Not a problem. Our professional staff has the ability to clone (duplicate) any IDE or SATA hard drive to make reloading unnecessary. If your hard drive is failing, the success of the clone will depend on just how readable the information still is. In most cases a clone can be accomplished with 100% success.


The cost for this service is $80.00*.


*NOTE: If your hard drive is failing and it requires us to fix errors on the drive to allow the clone to be successful, there will be additional charges based on our hourly rate of $80 per hour.


Don't let the daunting task of reloading your computer with all your programs and data keep you from upgrading to a bigger hard drive. Have it cloned today.


Is your PC running SLOW????


If so your hard drive may be the reason, especially if it is older than five (5) years. Upgrading to an SSD will make a world of difference. The typical boot time for a hard drive to the desktop is about sixty (60) seconds, but may also take an additional thirty (30) seconds before a program will launch. With an SSD the average boot time to the desktop is twenty (20) second or less and once you get to the desktop programs launch immediately. So if you want better performance out of your PC upgrading from a hard drive (HDD) to a solid state drive (SSD) makes a lot of sense. Especially if you were considering replacing your PC because of how slow it is running. We have had many clients opt to clone their HDD to an SSD instead of buying a new PC and where glad they did because of the added speed and at a cost that is a fraction of buying a new PC.


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